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Valéria Lopes by the spirit Andorra

    France, 1539: Life moves fast in flamboyant Paris, after the mysterious and tragic death of the Wercks’ ancestors, in the land south of the kingdom. The curse of the Werck family is renewed with the birth of the twins Barbara and Leonard—souls reborn in this life united by a great love.

    Throughout this story, the twins reconnect with friends and enemies so that through this new relationship they might have more opportunities to learn and forgive—encounters which raise profound feelings of hate, love, jealousy, passion, faith and resignation.

   Unforeseen events unleash a series of investigations into the lives of the Werck family—investigations that lead back to the time of the Inquisition, witches, and fires, taking the characters from this drama to new discoveries, and surprising scenes and circumstances.

     Unexpected and impressive turn of events happen along this intense and involving romantic saga, where the situations presented by the wheel of life direct the destiny of each of those involved, bringing moments of happiness, pain, despair, and suffering, which end up chiseling their spirits…Until the siblings can manage to find peace and finally find… companionship love, friendship love, maternal love, compassionate love, eternal love… of Eternal Souls....



Paperback  : 360 pages
Publisher    : Piu Book

Publishing  : March, 2017

The Curse of the Werck Family Vol 2: Eternal Souls



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